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Tri-City Staffing Services

Tri-City Staffing is a start-up business that was created in 2013 by Yvonne Brown and Dhaina Donaldson. These two principals bring over 30 years of experience in job preparation and workforce development to the community. In fact, their mission is to create a community partnership between business and job seekers which results in success for all.

In mid-March, a request was received to promote several jobs on OMJ and among our partners. OMJ Cincinnati-Hamilton County staff member Kathleen Busemeyer suggested hosting a hiring event for Tri-City Staffing at the OhioMeansJobs Cincinnati-Hamilton County center.

Dhana Donaldson wrote the following:

“The OMJ team was vital to the success of the hiring event; they were efficient, professional and proactive in determining our needs. Among those applying for an internal office assistant position, Robert Brown stood out. Robert had recently graduated from ITT Technical Institute, majoring in Computer Networking and also offered a great work ethic and an ability to refine our office processes. Despite his abilities, Robert was fresh out of school and had no prior office in a professional setting. Our training is extensive and will include a great number of skills in which he had no previous experience. The OJT program made him a very attractive candidate.”

“Ms. Busemeyer took the initiative of recommending use of On the Job Training funds to reimburse Tri-City for Robert’s training period. These funds have been a critical force that allowed us to hire Robert and move forward in our business. The OJT funds have certainly helped our company be comfortable hiring a new employee since funds for hiring are limited. Tri-City Staffing looks forward to working with OhioMeansJobs again in many ways!”