Training Events

Prepare yourself for the job you want by getting the training you need!

Some training events may be at no charge for qualified job seekers.

Below is a list of possible training events:

Flyer-CCIT 2017 JavaDeveloper

Flyer-CCIT 2017 .NETDeveloper

CAA Manufacturing Certification 2017 09 25

Flyer-CAAYouthBuild 2017 09 11

Cincinnati Manufacturing Certificate Program

September 25, 2017

The Cincinnati Manufacturing Certification (CMC) program provides 140 hours of training in Manufacturing Skills Standards. This course equips students with a Production Technician Certification and improves their skills and knowledge for work in the manufacturing industries. Learn more.

Cincy Code IT

January 23, 2017

.NET Developer Bootcamp
Take flight in a high-pay, secure and in-demand career as a .NET Developer in just 11 weeks!

Java Developer Bootcamp
Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp in Java: Cincy Code IT Learn more.