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Prosthetix Shop

Prosthetix Shop is a prosthetic facility in Cincinnati, Ohio providing state-of-the-art, expert and licensed prosthetic care throughout the tri-state area.

They have been a one-person operation until this summer.  Owner Aaron Moles needed to bring on a high-performing new hire in order to keep up with demand, and to grow his business.  While Aaron is an expert in the design and custom fabrication of prosthetic devices and appliances, he needed operational and sales assistance.

This new position would demand significant training for any new employee. While exploring his options, Aaron discovered the On-the Job Training Reimbursement Program through OhioMeansJobs Cincinnati – Hamilton County (formerly SuperJobs) available to employers using federal funds.

Aaron found a highly qualified candidate. He coordinated his job search and hiring activities with OMJ.  OMJ was able to reimburse a meaningful portion of the salary paid to the new employee during training.

The result is that a highly qualified worker has found a job she is passionate about and a local employer is able to grow his business.

“Using the OJT program allowed me to find a highly skilled candidate and train them in my business in a way that I may have otherwise been unable to do,” Moles said.

Nicole Jordan, VP of operations, agreed.

“I have always believed in the programs to assist people with job training.  It is nice to see tax-payer dollars used in such a meaningful way,” Jordan said.