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Pomeroy provides managed services, professional Pomeroyservices, staffing services or procurement and logistics services. Pomeroy provides 30 years of real-world experience through their highly experienced and certified professionals and their proven Optimized Infrastructure℠ framework.

Pomeroy and OMJ Cincinnati-Hamilton County share a relationship with Per Scholas, an IT training provider in Cincinnati. Pomeroy hired three recent Per Scholas training graduates. The employees were skilled but lacked training specific to their new roles in the company. Per Scholas referred Rebecca Jones, manager- recruiting & workforce planning at Pomeroy, to OMJ for possible on-the-job-training assistance. Through the OJT program, Pomeroy was reimbursed part of the wages they paid to these new hires while they were training them.

“It is a great program. It allowed us to hire three skilled candidates and provide them with the additional training needed to successfully serve our clients at Pomeroy,” Jones said. “The staff at OMJ walked me through the process and made any paperwork very easy. Our candidates have now been on the job for six months are all doing very well.”

Jones said she hopes to further utilize the OJT program when the next group of employees is hired.