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Mahogany Johnson

Access to computers and a gas card was all it took for Mahogany Johnson to finally find a job.
But after eight months of being unemployed, those small tokens felt monumental, she said.

“That right there just put me on the map,” Johnson said. “I did not take that for granted. I was just so humbled and appreciative.”

Johnson had been unemployed for eight months when her sister told her about the services offered by OhioMeansJobs (formerly SuperJobs).

Through OhioMeansJobs, she was able to attend hiring events, job-search workshops and speak with a career counselor. But perhaps most importantly, access to the resource room at OhioMeansJobs allowed Johnson to print off her resume.

And when she finally landed a job with Ohio Valley Residential after seeing a flyer on the resource room wall, OhioMeansJobs gave her a gas card to get to her first few weeks of work.

“I can’t tell you what a relief it was finding a job. I couldn’t have done it without the support of OhioMeansJobs. I just love that the people there care enough to help,” Johnson wrote in a thank-you note.

Since then, Johnson has left Ohio Valley Residential for a job in retail at Macy’s — but this time without any gap in employment.

“It has been a blessed journey ever since,” she said.