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Ayanna Thompson

A year ago, Ayanna Thompson was working as a medical receptionist for $15 an hour. She was barely able to pay her bills and had been receiving some public assistance. But thanks to a partnership between our OMJ office and local IT business Ingage Partners, she is now a quality analyst at Ingage earning $47,000, more than twice as much as before.

Ingage Partners is a local IT company that regularly illustrates its commitment to hiring, training and mentoring people who are brand new to IT. OMJ helped with wage reimbursement through the On the Job Training program and provided gas cards to help with transportation. It’s this type of partnership – with an employer that goes the extra mile to support its new hires with training, staff development and mentoring – that OMJ believes is an excellent investment of public Workforce, Innovation and Opportunity Act dollars.

Kelly Williams, vice president of people at Ingage, said Ingage continues to enjoy the partnership with OMJ “to accelerate careers for apprentices joining their team.”

Ayanna said her new job and training “has improved my life in so many ways. My ability to provide for my kids has improved dramatically. I can now save money versus living paycheck to paycheck. Ingage Partners is a place where I feel valued and supported. If I ever need help on a project, support is always available.”