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Aero Propulsion Support, Inc.

Aero Propulsion is a manufacturing company in Harrison, Ohio. They repair small gas turbine engines as well as manufacture prototype OEM parts for the small gas turbine business.

Like many specialty hi-tech manufacturing firms, intense training is needed for each employee. This is time consuming and costly. When Stephen D. Studdard, General Manager heard of the on-the-job training reimbursement program for employers he decided to utilize it to address the skills gaps inherent in high tech manufacturing.

The OJT program allowed Aero Propulsion to rely less on technical skills of applicants and more on work ethic and potential to grow in the industry. To date, the OJT program has allowed Aero Propulsion to hire three people that may not have been considered qualified without it.

“Once I started the program I could tell it was a win-win. Not only was I able to get needed candidates on board but the program reduced the financial burden during the several months of intense training required in our business. I plan to continue utilizing this program as it is quite easy to set up and the HCJFS representatives are quite helpful and pleasant during every step,”  Studdard said.