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The Ohio Leading Indicators report uses an annualized growth rate to forecast employment growth for Ohio  and its eight largest MSAs for the next six months. The model examines seasonally adjusted total nonfarm employment. These data are seasonally adjusted by the leading indicators model and should not be compared to other seasonally adjusted data.
Total employment is predicted to increase at an annual rate of 2.82% for the next six months in Ohio. The following MSAs are also predicted to grow: the Cincinnati MSA at 1.78%; the Canton-Massillon MSA at 2.37%; the Akron MSA at 2.41%; the Youngstown- Warren-Boardman MSA at 3.22%; the Toledo MSA at 3.32%; the Columbus MSA at 4.56%; and the Dayton MSA at 8.38%. The Cleveland-Elyria MSA is predicted to decline at -2.32%.

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